Delta Gamma. beta beta.

do good.


Meet DG

Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 by 3 young women at the Lewis School for girls in Oxford, Mississippi. Eva Webb, Mary Comfort and Anna Boyd were trapped at school over the Christmas holidays. It was during this time that the three women decided to create a club of mutual helpfulness. Their motto became “Do Good” and they chose the Greek letters Delta Gamma to represent it. Their pin was the letter ‘H’, for hope. Eventually, Delta Gamma chose to substitute the ‘H’ for a symbol of hope, the golden anchor. The Hannah Doll, which is often represented by a Raggedy Ann doll, became the mascot for Delta Gamma, and the cream colored rose became Delta Gamma’s official flower. Delta Gamma is now an international fraternity with 145 chapters in North America. The chapter at the University of Alberta, which is called Beta Beta, was established in 1931.

Delta Gamma’s philanthropy is dedicated to aiding the visually impaired. Beta Beta works with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind by raising money through our two popular campus-wide events, volunteering at the CNIB’s many events, and by helping to personally support the visually impaired. One of the ways Beta Beta raises money for the CNIB is by putting on the longest running philanthropic event on the University of Alberta campus, Anchor Splash. Anchor Splash is a fun-filled day at the U of A’s pool, packed with swimming, raft races, and cannon ball competitions. In 2012, Beta Beta added another annual philanthropic event called Anchor Dodge. This event is a dodgeball tournament open to all students at the University of Alberta. Overall, the Beta Beta Chapter of Delta Gamma has helped make philanthropy fun and exciting for the Greek community and for other college and university students on campus.

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