Just had a couple things to share before your journey through Formal Recruitment begins! 


1) Each Potential New Member MUST attend each house at least twice to be eligible for a formal invitation to join. However, more visits are encouraged to make the most educated choice!

2) There is no contact outside of recruitment permitted between you and active members. There are certain exceptions, such as if you live with them or are friends; in that case, please refrain from discussing recruitment with this active member. This includes refraining from adding active members on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media. We want to give each chapter equal opportunity to communicate with you!

3) In addition, if you know an active member and see them during your visit to each house, please refrain from hugging them. They know you love them, but we want every girl going through recruitment to feel as comfortable and loved as the next.

4) To respect all of the girls in your walking groups, recruitment groups, and disaffiliated members, please keep your opinions on specific houses to yourself. This removes the possibility of influencing the choice the girls around you make, as well as hurting their feelings or the feelings of the women who are leading you through this process. 

5) All sororities that are a member of the National Panhellenic Conference have agreed to the same terms. These include curfews for boys in the house, as well as houses being dry. That being said, we strongly encourage you to stay away from conversations about partying, alcohol, and boys. We all have social lives, but we want to get to know you individually and for you to get to know us.


Recruitment is a wonderful process, because it works, but it’s also complicated! Please don’t hesitate to ask any active member, or Panhellenic Representative any questions you have; we’re happy to help! The easiest way to describe recruitment is it is similar to speed dating. You will visit each house at least twice for 30 minutes. Here are some odds and ends on Recruitment.

1) Keep an open mind! This is a wonderful process to help girls grow and get involved during their university careers, as well as build friendships for life! Should you not have the greatest experience at one house, continue to have an open mind; each chapter is made up of lots of individuals who make it what it is today!

2) You will see on our website as well as in the houses that certain faces are covered. These are simply Panhellenic representatives who are disaffiliated from their chapter during Recruitment to remove any influence coming from them. If you know where your Pi Rho Chi is from, you may be more likely to choose that chapter, as opposed to the one you really felt at home in. Should you know the affiliation of a disaffiliated member prior to recruitment, we simply ask you keep it to yourself.

3) Each Chapter you will be visiting have agreed to the same rules to make recruitment as fair as possible. This means that you are not allowed to take anything from the houses, even a napkin. Should you cut yourself, need a bobby pin, or a tissue, be sure to ask your Pi Rho Chi who will be happy to help you out! This is to allow you to focus on the experience, the organization, and the girls as opposed to choosing your affiliation based on superficial aspects such as gifts.