The Process

The mutual selection process is implemented throughout various campuses that host numerous Panhellenic Women’s Fraternities because it works! Through the first weeks of school, you will be able to visit and meet each Panhellenic chapter on multiple occasions. This process takes into account your choice, as well as the chapters’ choice, to try to find a home for everyone! The decision to join a Panhellenic Women’s Fraternity can be difficult, but this process helps in narrowing your choice. Take the opportunity to make the best choice for your university career by making it out to as many events and meeting as many girls as possible! Keep in mind that a large group of diverse women make up a single chapter. Therefore, it is best to keep an open and lighthearted mind throughout the recruitment process, and not let any one specific experience taint one chapter or your recruitment experience. I wish you all the best and hope to assist you in the best way possible in finding your Panhellenic home.