Leading Women

Kappa Alpha Theta’s motto is “Leading Women”. Leading women sounds like an amazing thing, but when I was a new member in formal recruitment I honestly had no idea of the opportunities Theta would give me to grow into a leading woman.

One semester after joining Theta I was selected to serve as our Chief Panhellenic Officer where I had the opportunity to not only learn from my Theta sisters, but from the entire Panhellenic community. This opportunity helped me grow so much as a leader and forced me to work on skills I was lacking in such as communication and public speaking.

After my first year I served as Chief Operations Officer for Theta where I learned to lead by example. I was striving each day to be the best version of myself and uphold Theta’s high standards. This not only made me more confident in myself but it made me feel healthy and powerful.

Most recently, Theta gave me the chance to serve as Chief Executive Officer. I’ve come to learn so much about myself, my chapter and my sisters. Theta gave me the opportunity to travel to Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL to attend a leadership academy and Theta’s Grand Convention. At these conferences I met leading women from across North America, learned about my own skills and the skills I can still improve on, and had a lot of fun meeting new sisters.

Theta’s motto Leading Women became my reality outside of our fraternity as well. It was my experience in Theta and the confidence Theta gave me in myself and my leadership abilities that pushed me to run in an election for General Faculties Council, which is a committee I’m proud to now sit on. I’ve served on the executive of three other student groups because of the motivation Theta gave me to make a difference. This summer I participated in the internship of my dreams, working in Ottawa, and I strongly believe I wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t for the leadership I built through Kappa Alpha Theta.

Erin Allin is CEO of the Beta Chi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. She also serves as a Faculty of Arts Rep for General Faculties Council, and VP Internal for UACA.