A House Full of Sisters


I grew up with no sisters, 7 brothers and no real female role models in my life. I was always a quiet kid in high school with only a couple friends. In my sorority, I found the most genuine and wholesome friends who care about my life and well being, and I now have a house full of sisters and female role models. My sorority made me feel welcomed at U of A. In my first year, I felt alone in such a big campus. I joined my chapter in my second year and felt my whole university life change. It was comforting to see familiar faces all over campus, and seeing other Panhellenic girls made me feel welcomed on campus. My sorority gave me a new found confidence in my life, making me feel comfortable to talk in class, and a motivation to try and raise my grades. My sorority sisters have supported me in every way; from my grades to my personal life, they have helped me succeed in all the ups and downs thrown my way. I love my sisters and they have made me a better version of myself!

Esmeralda Rodas is a member of the Alberta Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi